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shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all onhinkorswim from td ameritrade. dennis: together again and they said it wouldn't last. cheryl: it is noon eastern time on markets. here's a question for you k. it happen here? cyprus banks remain closed. $13 billion bailout is moving forward at a big cost for deposito depositors. dennis: and buick's brass will talk about the new rollouts at the new york city auto show. cheryl: up, up and away. the home price index seeing the biggest jump in seven years. is it time to believe in this housing recovery? dennis: and former ambassador to the u.n., bill richardson on the cyber threat. are sanctions against china a necessity? we have stocks every 15 minutes. nicole at the floor of the new york stock exchange where the dow is feeling good. >> it is feeling good. you know, i was looking to see at our all-time intra day highs and that was 14,563 and we had gotten close to that. we were within 10 points of that. s&p 500 was within a few points of breaking through its closing highs so you are seeing up we've gotten in economic news to
but to send their top negotiator dennis rodman for some basketball diplomacy. after all it worked at the conference with stalin. he backed down pretty quick after getting tomahawk dunked on by fdr. [laughter] we learned it failed. >> breaking this morning north korea vows to launch a nuclear strike against the united states. >> the war of words escalating. >> north korea threatening to turn washington into a sea. >> stephen: north korea is willing to go to any lengths to -- please pay attention to us. can i do a cannon ball, look! we should this coming. the signs were everywhere and i mean -- i hope i'm pronouncing that correctly. north korea's news leader which last month broadcast this official state video foreshadowing the coming hellfire. ♪ ♪ [instrumental music of "we are the word" playing -- the world" playing] ♪ ♪ >> stephen: folks, that is not only a dark depiction of an attack on the united states but it's also the world's most disturbing karaoke video. [laughter] for those of you who may not have picked up on the sult nuances it depicts a man dreaming of a north
tools to carve a trail all the way up to the hill. dennis kern told us "we agree with you. this trail needs to be removed from our park land". rec and park crews tried a couple of times to discourage the use of trails and cutting tree lumps and on the trail and it got worse. debris was scattered and homeless were there and we reported the mess to the new manager and we was helpful and finally came word for a meeting for park users and indeed a statement from rec and park management. without a formal transparent process "i am looking forward to a open and community wide discussion how we can improve the trail" and why have a meeting if rec and park is opposed to our position. and that's what we recommend to you. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> [calling speaker names] if you could come up please. gene. >> gene. >> i'm little hard of hearing. >> and could you speak into the mic. >> oh okay. i am jean calling and a member of beacon street for 30 years or more. i oppose -- i am on the record of opposing any development of that unauthorized trail in the area at issue,
and applause] >> stephen: that's it for the dennis: no, dude. it's not a question of individual style. it's about having some taste. you're attacking my ability to express myself, dude. how am i attacking your ability to...? i just don't get it. what's not to get? "come to philly for the crack." it has a picture of the liberty bell on it. it's funny and original. it's not fu... how's it funny and original? every (bleep) on south street's wearing a t-shirt with an ironic slogan on it. well, excuse me if all my t-shirts don't have a little guy playing polo on the lapel. you cut the sleeves off of all of your t-shirts. what, so you can show off your tats? those are really original, dude. - they're tribal. - oh, they're... they're tribal.
treasurys. >> i'm dennis kneale with your fox business brief. durable goods orders surged up almost 6% in february, far better than expected and a rebound from the almost 5% plunge in orders the month before. durable goods include cars, dish walkers and other products built to last three years or more. >>> the federal reserve is pressing citigroup to improve its anti-money laundering controls demanding citi submit a plan to improve companiwide oversight. the federal order expands on similar orders given to individual citigroup units last year. citigroup said it made substantial progress in strengthing compliance. >> ipo fund-raising jumping 50% this year. new stock issues raised $23 billion so far up from $15 billion in the same period last year. says dealogic the data firm. that is the latest from fox biz, giving you the power to prosper adam: you know that old tag line, dude, you're getting a dell? there will be a lot of dudes. the battle for dell. charlie gasparino joins us on the phone with the latest for the bidding war for the computer-maker. here's charlie. >> where's my intro.
ready, skedaddy? time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money." i want to start with denny in missouri. denny, show me. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. i enjoy your show very much and i'm a long-time viewer. i have two stocks in question. and i don't know which one is more worrisome. i guess we'll go with -- s-a-n. >> been there. here's the problem. after what the europeans did to the cypriots, these banks have become a free fire zone. got to let this settle out. spain needs to ask for a bailout. they can't win for losing over there. i want to go to andy in new york. andy. >> caller: hey, jim, how are you doing there? >> how about you, partner? >> caller: i'm doing okay. i was calling to get your views on ungn, just the uptick in the natural gas industry. >> i've got to tell you, i don't like the ung. in the book, "getting back to even," i talk about exactly why i don't like that instrument. if you do like natural gas, i can send you to a bunch of natural gas companies that i think are much better. you can do -- you can can do anadarko, conoco if you want some yield. paul in flori
. >> joseph markenson, md: and new president and c o oavment bob electric sway and president and c o e dennis callahan and executive director dave metcalf, e c a karen inc.,el and inner city advisers jose conia and typely going to have to forgive me if i miss some of you and so you can send me another or someone else will help me when they get up here and so welcome to the public officials in the room. supervisor carmen chu and scott wiener and supervisor eight district san francisco monique myoand executive director port of the san francisco and general forerodney phoning, president of s f planning commission and, from the city of oakland. deana santana city mr., fred blab below assistant city administrator robert bert bra burn director on the board and councilmember knoll gallow district five. city attorney, barbara parker, debra ally smith director port of oakland so we have our two port directors in the room which, is wonderful and if i miss someone please forgive me or come up and harass me about it latter. we had a. q. year at the business times, i'll say in 2012 and everything i
buy you much these days, huh? unless you're at denny's. where there are always great choices for four dollars, on the 2$4$6$8 value menu ®. the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. >>> okay, next year, march madness will include the oscars. they're moving the awards ceremony so that it won't compete with the winter o lirp limpics. so next year's oscarings will be march 2nd, that's a week later than usual. >> the nfl could have its first openly-gay player within a few months. c reports one player is strongly considering coming out. the unnamed player says it's not the reaction from teammates that's holding him back, it's the reaction from plans. >> let's turn things over to ahmed fried. the cal women going dancing and the sharks find their bite in socal. but, first, show time. k
attorney was there while the arguments were made this morning. dennis herrera tweeted this before going into the supreme court. he's no stranger to the same-sex marriage debate. herrera is credited with filing the first lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of laws that discriminate between gay and lesbian couples. >> more hopeful than ever after putting discrimination on trial all these years we'll get a positive ruling out of the supreme court. i thought it was incredibly forceful and compelling in the case made before the justices. >> herrera wasn't the only california politician in the courtroom. governor newsom and state senator mark leno were also there. >>> even though it is 3,000 miles away, the bay area is intently watching what's going on at the supreme court. some local cities are even showing their support for marriage equality in a very unique way. nbc bay area's kristi smith is live in berkeley with why the justices decision means so much. good morning, christy. >> good morning. we just left berkeley and came to oakland. what a day. cities are coming out strong in supp
. is jimmy fallon going to replace you on the show? >> i hope so. >> now trending, dennis quaid and his wife back together. >> why they may not able to stop the divorce before it happens. >> all-new pics, britney spears makes it official with her regular-ghy boyfriend. lindsay lohan on the rocks before rehab. her reported new vodka-fueled club crawl and p.d.a.athon with her man. "extra" a-list interview, kim kardashian one on one with maria talking baby names, pregnancy cravings and fighting back against the cruel headlines. >> there are two, three covers this week that say i'm 200 pounds. >> "extra" matchbox 20 rock orlando resort. plus, miss universe versus tv tough guy head to head on the throwdown. >> i have to make sure i have some adult diapers. >> extra, extra! >> hello, everyone, welcome to "extra" at the universal orlando resort. i'm mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. kim k takes on all of the nasty tabloid headlines. what's the one thing she's craving while pregnant? that's coming up. >> with me in orlando are my two lovely co-hosts. hello, ladies! >> hello, ready for roller coast
is the government's lawyer, is joining forces with those two. on the other side of it, dennis collinsworth who has essentially been the backbone in support of prop 8 to protect what he calls is the legal definition of marriage. so big players. high stakes. and all coming to a head momentarily. so we have the live cameras trained. we can't hear it and can't see it because the supreme court doesn't let us yet. they will release tapes later in the day. we will hear some of the arguments. but our best coverage of in will come from our attorneys and our reporters who will come streaming out of those doors just as soon as the arguments wrap up. and later in the hour, we'll talk to our legal panel, as well, about just how important this case is and how this is a moment you will likely not forget. >>> want to take a look now at some of our top stories and the markets being one of them. take a look at how close we are to being up 100 points in the dow today. up 96 and change. stock market's been over for about 90 minutes now. continuing to watch the big board to see how this day will progress. >>> david pe
is clear there will be repercussions for hostile. >> shepard: he meets with dennis rodman and then pictures of looking at things. this makes no sense politically or otherwise. >> and you can argue the repeated threats somehow dilute the notion of a threat when one is made, because these are threats after threat after threat. again, i went to the dmz and it's a very tense place. there is no room for a mistake between the south and the north. there are provocations of all sorts. the north sends infiltrators into the south, periodically there are deaths as a result of that. so the possibility of a misstep is always the thing that the u.s. and china are most concerned about. one that leads to a cascading series of very negative events. >> shepard: feels like it's all teetering out there sometimes. >> it does. >> jodi arias murder trial, and today the defense called a domestic violence expert to the stand. he testimony could support the defendant's claim she was in an abusive relationship before prosecutors say she shot her ex-boyfriend, stabbed him and slit his throat. she testified it was in s
run media has also released new pictures of dennis rodman's bff looking at things. inspecting an army unit and instruments the troops apparently made. remember this all comes weeks after north carolina tour up its 1953 cease-fire with south carolina. trend to nuke washington and warned its troops are prepared for all-out war. trace gallagher in our west coast news hub tonight. you know. these threats seem to be coming every day. >> yeah, even the experts who will acknowledge that north korea has lost all credibility, shep, because of these empty threats, well now say there seems a little something different about this one because in recent months, north korea has been so provocative. you mentioned the armistice they cancelled with south korea but they have also successfully fired a long range missile in december. and tested a third nuclear weapon just last month. gordon chang who has written books about north korea believes there is some internal turmoil. listen. >> that's the real problem for us. this is not just a single threat where the regime makes it and then goes quiet. what we
was it done now way? >> there were no regulations, no guidelines for the dennis. this started with the telegraph and the burglar alarm, fire alarm. you see pictures with these wires sticking out of the polls. >> this presented no danger. >> kids love to grab and break them because they give you a tangle. but once these parks started across it became extremely dangerous and there were unregulated. five or six in a given city. it did not cost that much money. they started to throw wires over houses and attach them to trees and mail them to houses. once you put them together pitbull started to be electrocuted in very graphic ways. >> and you have some graphic examples. a lot of your research was done with newspapers of the era. of course they'll of the stories about being tied to electrified polls. >> owned by the gas companies. but what were the other things they you discovered in the media reporting of this phenomenon, not the danger necessarily, but just the one they're coming to america. >> my favorite part is going back and finding really at one point in every city, town acr
can go to their web site, thanks to their president dennis van roekel. all right. the news of the day. what's going on? you want to know here and around the country, only one place to go. two places to go. it is "full court press" and think progress. when we put them all together on a tuesday morning man you got the best of both worlds. igor volsky, deputy editor of think progress in studio with us again this morning. igor, good to see you. >> good morning. good marriage equality morning to you. >> i like that. >> bill: it is. it will be known as that. supreme court starting today with doma. >> proposition 8 is today. >> bill: really? yes. >> i thought oh, goodness, no, it is proposition 8 today. doma tomorrow. >> bill: today is proposition 8. california proposition. the supreme court in california had legalized marriage -- adopted marriage equality. the people of california with a lot of money from the church of scientology, so-called church of scientology and the roman catholic church and the mormons put prop 8 on the ballot, overturned marriage equality in california. th
. it goes on to say -- on twitter -- william in hikers town -- excuse me, dennis in florida, republican. good morning. any bigbefore we allow construction projects to go on in the united states, we require their to be environmental impact study to see if it will harm the least creature's among us. we do not seem to want to do any environmental impact study to see how a homosexual marriage will impact our children. in terms of the religious issue -- host: the d.c. the news last week that the pediatric association came out and said that they do not see any harmful effects on children? caller: i did see that. there is another pediatric association that took exactly the opposite stand, which shows that all of this is politically motivated. they are all subject to pressure from various groups. either literally or two pediatric groups that took a totally different sides of the issue. host: what you think about the court using things like social science in their determination? caller: i think it is important. science has never determined how one acquires, sexual orientation. i do not think any
'm like you want me to come back. okay. >> they should have had dennis miller rebut him. mip, mip, mip. >> stephanie: eddie in virginia you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi eddie. >> caller: yeah, since the homosexuals have higher rates of domestic violence and murder -- [ buzzer ] >> stephanie: where are you getting that from? >> you google it. >> everything on google is true -- >> you google it and then do empirical research to back it up. >> i can do it right now. >> yeah, what link is she looking for -- >> the medical maladities -- >> stephanie: what? >> caller: have you guys ever heard of aids by the way? >> oh, no. >> the diet candy. >> the majority of people around the world who hiv and aides are straight. you do realize that. >> caller: well, getting back to my point -- >> stephanie: go back to your first statistic, gays have higher rates of domestic violence and what else? >> suicide, drug abuse, murder -- >> stephanie: eddie all of that is completely untrue but go ahead -- >> caller: i invite people to research themselves. >> stephanie: okay. sure.
items like the bacon avocado omelette. only alyt denny's. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the new hazelnut macchiato from starbucks. crafted by hand & heart. >> you can see the scene outside of oliver pause for same-sex marriage as they are rallying and waiting for a decision on this. it will not come until jim's but they are making their voices noknown outside the supreme court. -- june this is the court's first examination of their rights in 10 years. they could decide nothing. the supreme court may decide to do nothing, they may decide to do something nationwide or just in california. we will have been acts were in california. >> we have to wait and see what the court decides. >> more americans than ever before said that a family member or close friend who is gay or lesbian. that corresponds with an increase in the number of americans now support gay marriage. a news see in an international survey finds 57 percent of americans report someone close to them is gay or lesbian. that's one point higher than the poll results from 2007. the number of people supporting same-sex marriage has dow
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)